Thursday, May 28, 2015

What the Revivalistic Approach Did Not Overemphasize

"Whitefield remained with in the Reformed and Calvinistic heritage, while Wesley veered from it.  But both pressed the absolute necessity of the new birth.  The negative result of this was a disparagement of the institutional church, while the positive result was that a bunch of people got saved.  Over the next century and a half, the need for personal regeneration came into high prominence in the revivalistic movements that swept certain portions of North America, Scotland and Wales.

This revivalistic approach did not overemphasize personal regeneration; they actually underemphasized everything else." - Wilson, AC, p171.

And this is how I see it as well.  With our well-intentioned efforts to place a high value and return to Mother Kirk, we must never do so at the expense of the necessity of the new birth in an individual man, woman, or child in order to be saved.

And there is no reason to pit the one against the other unless you are listening to the devil who is happy to do so.

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