Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Riding in and Worshiping with Confidence

As Jesus road into Jerusalem, He knew exactly what was to come.  In a few short days, this city would publicly reject, scourge and crucify Him.  Mankind, represented by Jew and Romans alike, would smile as their plans came to fruition and this imposter, this so-called Son of God, would be destroyed.  Mission accomplished.

But Jesus came in to Jerusalem to accomplish something as well.  He came to put death to death, to crush the head of the serpent, to take captivity to sin captive and lead them into true liberty.  He came to pay for sin, to receive the holy wrath of His Father for the sake of His people, to pay the ransom due for sinners of a Holy God.

And so, as Jesus went through this holy week which we celebrate as beginning today, Palm Sunday, who was tricked?  It looks like Jesus was – betrayed, abandoned, accused and tried in a midnight monkey-house courtroom, and nailed to a tree.  If that was what He knew would happen, why did He come and why did He come riding in on a donkey like a king entering in victory and peace?

And why should you come and worship today?  What does your life look like?  Does it look like things are falling apart all around you, or in your family, or in your nation?  Has God lost control?  Well, are you in Jesus Christ?  Then nothing is happening that is not in fact happening according to the unswerving providence of the Almighty.  And if glorious good came from the events of holy week, then certainly gracious glory will come in and through your life as you worship and then walk in the light and love of your Savior.  Come in like Jesus; come in riding upon victory and peace, even victory and peace that you cannot yet see.  Come in faith.  Come and worship the LORD.

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