Friday, May 1, 2015

Come Knowing God Knows

Come and worship the LORD, all people on the earth.  That is what we just sang and that is what we have gathered to do.  Sit up now, get ready, turn your attention away from other things and concentrate on what the LORD would be saying to us as we gather in the name of His Son.

But as you come, please know, and know this with great confidence, that the LORD already knows all that you need.  He knows all that you have been through this week.  He knows all that He is going to give to you to renew you, to encourage you, to redirect you, to instruct you.  And He is not stingy with His gifts.  And so – come expectantly.

And come expectantly not just for yourself.  Look around you.  God has that intimate knowledge for each and every one of His children – all of these who have gathered with you at His throne.  Long for answers to their prayers as well.  Rejoice with them, weep with them, pray for and with them, join in trusting the Lord with them.  Come expectantly for them.

And then for the world.  Come on behalf of the world.  Come on behalf of anyone you know who does not know the Lord and, by name, lift them up to the Lord of Hosts that His mercy would blast through this service out into the world of darkness and unbelief and accomplish all that He promised by His Word He will do in and for this world.  Lift up the names of pastors and churches ministering with us in our presbytery.  Pray for the spiritual blinders to be put down in our city and in the cities around the world.  And expect God to answer.

Come and worship the Lord.  Come and welcome to this service of Covenant Renewal.

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