Thursday, May 14, 2015


Repentance is the God given power to change one’s mind, to turn from going one way and to then go in another.  Repentance from sin is not something that a man can work up in Himself – not real repentance, not gospel repentance – because gospel repentance can only come from a new heart – a heart alive to God. 

And this nation has proven herself dead to God, given over by God to her lusts, to her insanities, to her self-destructive love of the things of darkness and death.  We consecrate abominable acts of lewdness and we offer up the blood sacrifice of our unborn children.

If ever a nation needed the Gospel it is ours.  Our decline away from the things of God has reached an angle, a pace, that is unprecedented for America, for God has brought His judgment upon us.  What the world needs now, what America needs now, is repentance.  She must turn from her evil ways and turn to the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, as she once did and yet in ways she never has before.

And so, we are summoned to come and worship in just such a time.  Like Elijah, we are summoned to come and offer up our sacrifice, for us it is the sacrifice of praise, and then we are to await the Lord to send His fire – His fire of judgment and refinement.  We need the fire of reformation and revival in our land.  God be merciful to us and be merciful now, we pray.

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