Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Remembering the First Lord's Supper

This is Holy Week, the week we commemorate Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem, the Passover meal with the disciples, the Last Supper which becomes the first Lord’s Supper and then His betrayal, arrest, crucifixion, burial, and resurrection.

As you come to this Table as one of His disciples, you are participating in a simple ritual and you are to do so by faith.  All of the prophecies, including many we heard this morning, all find their fulfillment in that week and the events shortly after that week.  It can be hard to grasp all that the LORD teaches us in His Word; it can take a lot of study and thinking and prayer.

But here at the Table, you are to follow the pattern of the simple ritual.  You are to come believing and receive.  Yes, there is much to learn and understand.  But Jesus says come, come and partake, do so trusting in Him, and you will come to learn and understand more and more.  Come and partake of Jesus Christ that you might learn Jesus.

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