Monday, May 25, 2015

Ascension Sunday and at the Table

During our time at the Lord’s Table this Ascension Sunday, we will be singing Psalm 68 – a great and long song of Christ’s ascension and the ascension of the church in triumph over the world of darkness.  What will we sing as we prepare to partake?  Listen.

God shall arise and by His might put all His enemies to flight; in conquest shall He quell them…. – Thou didst, O LORD, ascend again, with many captives in Thy train and gifts from men obtaining…. – Praise God and magnify His worth, O kings and kingdoms of the earth unto the LORD sing praises.

We are partaking at this Table the salvation of the world.  And so, as we come to partake, we are declaring and celebrating in the crown rights of King Jesus over everything, for all things have been put under His feet.  And as we partake, we are saying, Yes and Amen, to this truth, and “let it begin with me.”  And then we will eat and drink our participation and our exaltation in Christ.  Come and welcome to Jesus Christ.

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