Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Let the Parents Come

Last week I addressed the children in the Call to Worship.  This Sunday I’d like to address the parents of those children.

As we will see in the sermon this morning, this gathering is the most important gathering you will attend this week.  It is the high point of the week even though it is on the front end, on the first day of the new week.

And while many of you have heard this truth before and nod your heads in agreement, you know as well as I do how hard it is, how tempting it is, to neglect the truth of a matter so that it doesn’t make its way down into your bones, changing the way you live, think and speak about such truth.  How much more for your children who are watching you carefully and, just as the Lord has created them, imitating you in your lifestyles.

This isn’t a call for perfect parenting.  It is a call for Christ-centered, honest, discipleship-oriented parenting.  They are not only your children.  They are your younger brothers and sisters in the faith.  They look up to you and they will imitate your love and devotion to the Savior if it is sincerely displayed throughout the week.  This doesn’t mean living perfect lives without sin.  It means acknowledging sin, praying together for mercy and grace, seeking forgiveness, letting love cover an immeasurable multitude of sins, and quickly forgiving others because you know you are swimming in an ocean of grace.

It means giving thanks always for everything.  It means trusting and entrusting God with everything.  It means knowing how much you need to join with the saints and come to renew covenant with your God and with His people.  It means helping those around you prepare to come and do the same.

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