Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jesus is Both Word and Sacrament

Word and Sacrament.  Word and Table.  That is what goes on in this service of Covenant Renewal.  Sometimes there has been an argument about which should take preeminence – the Word or the Table.

But that is to get the point of Word and Sacrament mixed up.  The two are not at odds with one another.  The two are working together.  Fighting over the importance of Word and sacrament is like fighting over cooking and eating – but who would want to do that?

In both Word and at this Table we come to Jesus.  He is the Word.  He is the Bread and Wine.  No one partakes of Jesus in these things without faith.  But with faith, the preached Word is Christ, the Bread His body, the Wine His blood.  And faith comes by hearing and you have heard.  Believe and welcome to Jesus Christ.

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