Monday, May 19, 2014

Lesser Magistrates and Learning from the Left

We need to learn some things from the leftist progressives.  They are undermining the rule of law in state after state by borrowing from Calvin's doctrine of lesser magistrates.

Washington State is an obvious example.  It is not legal in the state of Washington to possess and use marijuana for recreational purposes.  All of this is taking place while it remains a federal crime to do the same.  The lesser magistrate is taking on the federal king.

A similar tactic is taking place with regard to the same sex mirage laws (thank you for the slang Douglas Wilson).

What if we did the same thing?  What if we worked to ban abortion in a city or a county, declaring abortion to be a crime in those smaller jurisdictions?  What if it was labelled as murder on the law books?  What if towns and city councils worked to establish a "not in our city" mentality with regard to abortion?

Of course, we have been trying to do just that with regard to the homosexual laws - and we have been losing more and more.  But I believe some of why we are losing is because Christians do not understand the principles of lesser magistrates and biblical resistance of civil law.  

This is something we need to study, recover, and put back into our arsenal.  For the kingdom.

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