Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eating Together; Remembering Together

Partaking at the Table is a privilege which is given to us individually.  If you have been baptized into the Lord Jesus, then you are summoned here to this Table to partake – and communion with the Lord at this Table is a great blessing for each one who comes and does so.

But there is another aspect of partaking here – and it is not an individual partaking.  The Bride of Christ is here as well, partaking of the meal with her Bridegroom.  We are the bride of Christ, but only corporately, only as we are bound together as one body in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are celebrating and remembering and communing in what Christ has done over all the world over all of history and into all of the future.  We are remembering a story and entering into a story and perpetuating the Story into the future – a future which is ours to enjoy together in Christ.  Come and partake; come and tell that story; come and welcome to Jesus Christ.  

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