Thursday, May 22, 2014

In God's Economy, One Event Foreshadows Another

"So in Scripture one event will picture, foreshadow, even motivate another event a thousand years later.  The rebellion of Israel against God in the wilderness (Num 14) is a warning to Christian believers in the first century AD (Heb 3:7-19).  Indeed, the accounts of that ancient history have the purpose of edifying believers in the new covenant period (Rom 15:4)." - Frame, ST, p88.

If this is true of God in how He weaves and repeats story, then it follows on the micro level that all of our stories are doing the same thing.  We are playing out certain characters, revealing certain truths about God and His ways, as we live our lives.  It is also true in this dynamism that we can change.  We can begin as the villain and end as the hero, or vice versa.  We can be the antagonist or the protagonist.  We have a role to play but we will play a role and we will not thwart God's plans.

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