Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Will Sing My Maker's Praises

What glorious hymns and psalms we are learning to sing!  What a blessing to recover the psalms and hymns of the reformation, when the Word was given back to the people and the opportunity to enter into the worship of God was restored in all of the grace that comes from believing on the Lord Jesus Christ.

A new hymn that we have been learning as a congregation, “I Will Sing My Maker’s Praises” is such a grand example.  I want to point it out because, as we are learning it, sometimes it is hard to pause and consider all of the rich words while learning the tune.  And the hymn needs a bit of explanation, especially the last line sung repeatedly at the end of each verse.

And so the instruction:  “God’s great love abides for aye.”  We don’t sing “aye (eye)” as though it means “Yes” – and we aren’t saying it like or neighbors, the Canadians, “aye” in some kind of “don’t you know” manner – that would not make sense.  We sing, “Aye (rhyming with Day)”  because this is old English for “forever.”  God’s great love abides forever.  God’s great love abides for aye.

OK – so get over that as you sing through the hymn – you’ve probably been wondering what in the world you meant as you sing.  Or did you?  That’s my next point – it’s hard to know all you are meaning as you are singing a new song.  So listen to just the words of some of the hymn for just a moment.

“I will sing my Maker’s praises – and in Him most joyful be – For in all things I see traces – Of His tender love to me – Nothing else than love could move Him – With such sweet and tender care – Evermore to raise and bear – all who try to serve and love Him.  All things else have but their day – God’s great love abides for aye (forever).” – and that is just one of six glorious, theologically and emotionally packed verses.

This song is a great hymn of thanksgiving and adoration of all that God has done for us – for you and for me… - consider verse two –
“Yea, so dear did He esteem me that His Son He loved so well – He hath given to redeem me from the quenchless flames of hell.  O thou Spring of boundless blessing, How could e’er my feeble mind – of Thy depth the bottom find – Tho’ my efforts were unceasing?  All things else have but their day, God’s great love abides for aye (forever).”

Each verse is thick with truth and passion.  It reminds me of the Psalms we are learning to sing – give yourself to the singing and praising and praying to God in this service.  He has called You.  He has received You in Jesus Christ.  He loves you fully in the Son.  And He has sent His Spirit to cry out in your hearts as you sing – “Abba Father.”  Welcome to throne of Jesus Christ.  Welcome to the King of love.

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