Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How Does God Preach?

"The Scriptures demonstrate that God is a communicating Being (i.e. Heb 1:1-2a).  Thus God himself, who created man in his own image and endowed him with that marvelous creativity that is able to invent language, has himself harnessed and utilized language in the process of revelation.  The question, then, is:  What patterns or structures has God himself harnessed and utilized in speaking to men?...

...The central thesis of this book is that the essential pattern or structure which God himself has utilized in the proclamation of New Testament Christianity is that of the indicative-imperative." - Carrick, IP, pp4-5

God, who is the Word, loves language.  I am not sure I would say that He "harnesses" language (it gives the impression that "language" is a thing out there, outside of God), but He is the master of language use and communication.  Looking at how God preaches is a good study in learning how to preach.

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