Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Diane - RIP

An update from a friend on the passing of his wife - I post it without full names.  The point is to witness the glorious faith of both wife and husband.  They both have taught me so much even as I witnessed her suffering and passing from afar.

"Last night at 12:01am Diane followed Aslan home.  An hour earlier we concluded another day of singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs and remembering how she faithfully completed the good works God had ordained for her to do.  Our children and grandchildren have been in and out continually, many sleeping at Hope’s home.

Minutes earlier she was coughing and I reminded her again that though we wanted her to remain with us, we released her from her labors to enjoy life’s next chapter in the presence of her Lord and King.  Shortly after, I went to administer her nightly dose of pain meds and realized her spirit had departed.

Since our last update she’d not eaten or consumed fluids. Our job was to keep her clean and comfortable.  I had to accept the willing help of Jessica and Shana for this task.  Until then, Diane, a private person, only wanted me to serve her in that fashion along with the nurses.  In a prior post I referred to the cancer as “grotesque.”  They thought it an odd description, but now would say it was an understatement. 

I’m not trying to be “crude”, but understanding what Diane fought with such grace and peace raised an already high estimation of mom to a new level.  During the past six months, she only thought of others.  She knew the cancer was inoperable and systematically wrote exhortations to each grandchild, planned her memorial, distributed gifts and even came to our Passover Feast and Easter Sabbath Service.  She did it all without a complaint, hint of self pity or reservation.

God’s grace has shone through her radiant face, kind words and thoughtful deeds.  Each of us are in awe and pray that our Father would allow us to honor her but bearing our crosses with the same humble faith that she exhibited. 

God continues to amaze us with blessings, too numerous to list, from people who Diane has touched directly and indirectly throughout the years.  This “update” is primarily an announcement of her home going.  I will try to recap the past six months in future posts as time allows."

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