Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Against Sacramental Superstition

"The surgeon may pick up many different instruments in the course of the operation, but it is the surgeon who is doing it.  If we have mastered this distinction, we stand against every form of sacramental superstition and abuse." - Wilson, Against the Church, p23.

We know we have been given the Word, and water, and bread and wine.  And we believe that these are means of grace.  We know that we have a liturgical service that declares we are drawn up into God's throne room.  But none of these "things" and none of these "acts" in and of themselves can do anything to our hearts.  None of it matters unless the Surgeon picks up these instruments and uses them on us.

We are totally and completely at the mercy of God.  And, understood rightly, we would rather not be anywhere else, dependent upon anyone or anything else.  Do you know the mercy of God?  Have you tasted His goodness?  Nothing is better.  No one is better.

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