Monday, May 26, 2014

Both Suffering and Victory in this Age

In the dynamic nature of the kingdom of God present and still coming, Frame continues,

"Some theologians present the semi-eschatological age as a time of suffering, pain, and defeat.  Others present it as a time of victory for the gospel.  In fact, both positions are correct.  The history of the church has been full of suffering and persecution.  But the blood of the martyrs has been the seed of the church, and often the worst persecutions have given rise to the strongest churches.  And through history, Christian people have brought profound change to society, in the treatment of widows and orphans, the growth of learning, and the development of democracy, to mention only a few areas." - Frame, ST, p91.

Well, both "positions" are not really represented enough in this paragraph to determine if they both are, or even could be, correct (Frame is just being gracious).  For at their core, a pessimistic view of the future of this world verses an optimistic view of the future of this world cannot both be held.  It is true, however, that we should expect suffering and victory in this age.  And that is a difference from the final consummation when there will be no more suffering, no more tears.

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