Saturday, March 22, 2014

What Disciplined Psalm-singing Gives the Soul

"The perfected soul is a symphony, harmonized by the Spirit through the discipline of psalm-singing.  The psalms are expressions of deep passion, of anguish and fear, and soaring elation.  Yet singing the psalms is actually a discipline in impassibility, for through the psalms we are trained to turn all circumstances and moods into worship.  Those who sing and absorb the psalms will have a rich emotional life, but none of their passions will cause them to deviate from following the crucified Messiah.  Through singing the psalms, we are conformed to the impassible sufferer, the Word made flesh." - Leithart, Athanasius, p169.

More Psalm-singing.  More prayer.  May every circumstance be turned to an opportunity to worship.  Teach me, O great Psalm-singer.

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