Saturday, March 15, 2014

Discerning One Body

When we are told as we come to the Table that we must be able to discern the body of Christ, we are not being told that we have to pass a theological exam regarding the relationship between the bread and the actual body of Christ.  We are not being told that we must understand the transformational work of justification by faith and all of the reformed tenets of the faith.

What does it mean to discern the Lord’s body?  It means that we open our eyes as we partake and look around us.  It means that my personal communion with Christ is never simply about my own little personal worship experience here.  It is about the body – all of us in Christ.  It means I am to look and see and rejoice with my brothers and sisters that we are brothers and sisters washed in the grace of Jesus, baptized together into one body of which I am a member.  Rejoice with them.  Sing with them.  Partake with them.  Encourage them.

This is the body that is being built up into the perfect man – into mature Christlikeness.  God is making us more and more fitted to our Head.  He does so with Word and Sacrament and we receive them both by faith.  Come and welcome to Jesus Christ.

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