Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Feeling Overwhelmed

For many, especially those of us with school aged children, September often feels more like the New Year than January does.  And often in homes and businesses, the fall brings with it the launch of new plans, new responsibilities, new challenges.  We are a couple weeks into those new challenges and I have a question for you – Feeling overwhelmed already?  Feeling a touch like you bit off a bit more than you can chew?  Are you swimming in it?

Actually, this isn’t a bad place to be in – if, as Christians, we understand what the Lord is doing through such experiences and feelings.  Here is the truth:  all of us, all the time, are in over our heads.  And the times we are the most faithful is when we realize this and turn to the Lord, trusting Him for what seems impossible.  King David was at his best when he knew he was in a situation where only God could deliver him or his people.  He fell short and often into sin when he acted as though his own political know-how, or his own strength or status would take care of the situation.

When the new problem comes, when the new challenge comes, when the feelings of “over my head” start to appear, where do you turn?  Christian, where should you turn?  And why in the world would you expect your situation to be any different?  Do you really think that you could be in a situation where you have it all in control?  Your life is a vapor – you have no control, no ultimate control over anything, not your tomorrow, not even your next breath.  And the best place for you to be is to remember that over and over.

And then He calls us – He summons you – to come here with the saints again – and to hear Him – I am your God, You are my people.  I have your future, your destiny, your successes, your failures, your challenges, your answers, here, in the palm of my hand.  But they are not in yours.  Come and trust me.  Come and ask me.  Come and worship me.  Come and humble yourself before me.  Come and find rest.  Come and find hope.  Come and renew your faith – no – rather – come and have your faith renewed. 

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