Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Community and Clean Up

There are so many things to consider when we come to the Lord’s Table and so it is fitting that we come here week after week.  Some meditations are very personal and some very corporate – because both things are happening here.  Some meditations are very spiritually minded – body and blood, and some are very pragmatic – bread and wine – because both are here.

So, as we gather as a community at a Table remembering the Lord’s death, remember as well all of those in the body served by those in the body who serve, doing menial things – like setting up this Table, setting up the trays, cleaning them up afterwards – along with the set up and clean up of this place we use for our worship service.  There are a host of “chores” like the chores in your house that have to be done here each week at Trinity.  We are in need of more hands to help with those chores – and so, as members of this body, please consider speaking to our deacons about helping by volunteering in one of many ways.  Putting hymnals away is being Christlike.  Vacuuming the fellowship hall is being Christlike.  Look – you can see these things here – at this Table as well.  Jesus serves.

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