Saturday, March 22, 2014

Planted by the Lord

The last verse of Psalm 92 promises that even though we may grow old, having been planted by the LORD, we will still bear fruit if we are planted here, in God’s courts, in God’s temple, in the church of the living God.  They will flourish, they will be fresh and green.  Here they will loud proclaim that God is upright, that He is our Rock, and that there is no wrong found in Jehovah.

This is the time of covenant renewal – and it is a time where God invites you, both individually, and corporately as His people, to be renewed, to be revived, to be built up – and to bear fruit.  It does not matter what your circumstances are – what victories you have enjoyed, what struggles you are enduring, what failures you have had to confess – God has not left you if you are planted in Him – and He has not finished bringing forth fruit from you to the glory of His name.

So come – lay down old and new rebellions – take off doubts and anxieties – lay aside unbelief and false teachings about the King of kings and Lord of lords, even Jesus Christ your Lord, and His Father, and the power and person of His Holy Spirit Who even now is drawing you into the presence of the One who sits at the throne of grace.  Do you need help?  Are you in a time of need?  Do you feel old?  Unworthy or unused or unnoticed?  You have come to the right place.  For it is here, in Christ, where you have been planted – and where you will bear much fruit.

Come and worship.  Come and be renewed.  Come and bring your offerings of praise and thanks to the Lord – for He has only begun to pour out His blessings upon His people.  He has only begun to bring His salvation to the ends of the earth.

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