Friday, March 14, 2014

How God Makes One

Of course, as we come to the Table, we do see God’s way of making one.  We witness how God goes about bringing forth unity.  He makes one by breaking one into two – or then into many.  He distributes His sacrifice and by that sacrifice, He brings together as one.  One loaf – one body.  One loaf divided, one body united.

He did this in the marriage covenant as well.  He broke Adam into two – separating his rib from the rest of his body.  Then God fashioned from the broken portion a woman for the man – brought her to him and proclaimed them to be one-flesh, united and unable to be broken apart except by Him.  When He broke Adam open, He did so putting Adam into a death-sleep.  Adam died, gave away his body, and awoke to a new life, a new union, a new unity.

We come and partake of the broken body of our Lord, our Savior, and the Husband of the church.  We partake as individuals, required to come upon our own individual faith – but as we partake, we are remade, we partake of the death by faith, the separation by faith, the resurrection by faith, the new life by faith, and the unity which is ours together – by faith.

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