Friday, March 7, 2014

Let the Nations Come

This morning we will have the privilege of hearing Pastor Pawel Barosik preach to us.  I am humbled to have the blessing of sharing this pulpit with Pawel.  His love for the Lord and His love for the people of his city, Gdansk, Poland, is evident in his words, his family, and his actions as he ministers to his congregation and works unceasingly to bring the gospel to his community.

In just one generation we have seen communist nations go from being officially closed to the work of the gospel to once again legal places where evangelists may more freely go and churches may more freely minister.  But officially being open to the gospel is not the main obstacle – and Poland and America are both two great examples.

While we both enjoy now the freedom to gather, to worship, and to share our faith with others, these alone will not bring about conversions – not without the work of God Himself.  And God Himself was never limited – He was not limited in Poland when the land was in lock down and kept from hearing – and He is not limited today, here, in Poland, or anywhere in the world.

And He is not limited with you either.  God is absolutely and completely sovereign over every man and woman, over every city and nation, over every hair of your head, over every issue, concern, large or small, which you may have this morning.  He is not limited by us in raising up worshippers.  Jesus said Himself that if God wanted to, He could raise up rocks to become sons of Abraham.

But He hasn’t raised up rocks.  He has raised you up – He has given you the new life of Jesus Christ – and in that life He intends to minister to you and through you to the world around.  And so, with faith, not in ourselves, not in government structures, not in great ecclesiastical movements – but in the God Who has said the nations will come – let us come and worship.

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