Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Trinitarian Dependence - Add the Spirit

"Add the Spirit.  Then what?  The Father begets the Son in the Spirit; the Father speaks the eternal Word through the breath of the Spirit; the Father gives the Spirit to the Son as the Son's eternal and eternally complete inheritance.  The Son gives the Spirit to the Father as well, but as the return gift, the inheritance "enhanced"; the Word spoken by the Father in the Spirit reverberates back to the Father; the Son begotten in the Spirit of love loves the Father with the love that is the Spirit...The Spirit is the one by whom the Father speaks his Word, and so the Spirit gives the Father articulation and the Word beauty and rhetorical power.  The Spirit is the love by which the Father loves the Son, so that the Spirit is the one who makes the Father a loving Father and the Son a beloved Son.  Or, considered from the other direction, the Spirit is the love that the Son returns to the Father, and so is it through the Spirit that the Son is the loving Son and the Father the beloved Father." - Leithart, Athanasius, pp87-88.

I am pretty sure you are going to want to read that one through one more time.

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