Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This Table of Grace

Too often communion has been portrayed as a time of special introspection and feeling guilty for one’s sins while coming before a holy God.  Wrongly, some have taught that this time at the Table is to be a time where we meditate on how unworthy we are to be here.

But that misses the fundamental point of the Table.  This is a Table of Thanksgiving – a Eucharist – that is what the word means.  This is a place to receive that which is wonderfully and freely given.  Of course we don’t deserve to be here – that is why we call it grace – that is why this is a gift – it is not deserved – it is not earned – it is simply given.

And what is given?  Jesus Christ Himself is offered to us by the Spirit as we partake of bread and wine.  We receive Him by faith – just as we do His Word – just as we pray in the Spirit dressed in the armor of God.  We believe – that is our work – and our reception of all of this as undeserved grace is what brings glory to our God and joy to His children.

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