Friday, February 7, 2014

Your Marriage: Which Eschatology?

Many argue that our eschatological choices don’t make that much difference.  But I would argue that they are imbedded in the story of The Marriage and therefore imbedded in our own marriage relationships as well.  There are three main eschatological positions:  pessimistic, agnostic, and optimistic.  The pessimist says that Scriptures teach us that the Marriage fails and the bride falls into apostasy.  The agnostic believes the Scriptures are silent, or that there is only a picture of constant struggle between faithfulness and unfaithfulness and no promise of real maturity or victory.  The optimist teaches that the Scriptures declare that The Marriage will result in growing fruitful victory, dominion, and glory.

Which eschatological view describes your view of The Marriage?  Which eschatological view defines your  marriage?

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