Friday, February 21, 2014

The Table of Death to Life

The Table of our Resurrected Lord was given to the disciples on the night He was betrayed – on the day before He was crucified – before His death.  God invites us to be joined with Christ in His death and His resurrection – and we are reminded of both at this Table.

His body broken and His blood shed – these are tokens of condemnation, of sorrow, of guilt and shame.  Why then would we want to take them – why would we want to partake of them?  We do so because the only way to participate in the resurrection life of Jesus is to participate in the death of Jesus.  Jesus is not dying here again, but we proclaim His death here again, that we might continue our ongoing life in Him because of His once-for–all death.

Death to life – humility to exaltation – Good Friday to Easter – your old life without Christ to your new life in Christ – and welcome to Jesus our Savior.

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