Thursday, February 27, 2014

Discerning the Body

As we come to the Table on this Ascension Sunday, remember that Jesus rules as Lord and King over all.  Remember that He is the Good Shepherd and He loves His sheep – even the ones you might be having trouble with these days.  Being one with Christ means that we are also one together in Christ.

And this is what is meant by discerning the Lord’s body.  It is not a command to be able to rightly answer theological questions about the elements of the bread and wine.  In context in the book of Corinthians, Paul is admonishing, no, spanking, the Corinthians for eating in a way that is antithetical to what the Lord’s supper declares.

Do not come here with a hypocritical spirit – I love Jesus, but I hate some whom Jesus loves.  I love God but I hate my brother.  This will not be a good place for you to be.  Remember, we have been made one in Christ.  You cannot declare your oneness with Christ without declaring your oneness with all that are Christ’s.  As you come, you are declaring both.  Do so in faith and humility – Amen.

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