Friday, February 28, 2014

Being Fitted Together

Paul uses this phrase of “being fitted together” and the process he is referring to is the same process which the Puritans referred to as “improving on your baptism.”  Having been identified with Christ and baptized into His body, He is now in the process of fitting you – fitting you for Himself and fitting you for one another – fitting you into the perfect holy temple in which He dwells.

It might be said that God is easily pleased with us, like a loving Father, but He is never satisfied with us – and so His ongoing work in us will always continue.  This fitting together, this work upon us – and therefore this time at the Table of our Lord – is all declaring that we are closer and closer to heaven.  The fact of the matter is that everyone is either being fitted for heaven or, in our rebellion, are insisting on being unfitted for it.

Either way, we are on a journey of what we are becoming – and that becoming is the work of God in us.  Welcome to the Table of the Lord where by faith you may enjoy being fitted more and more – for Him – and for your pleasure and satisfaction in Him – both for another week – and forever.

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