Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Preparing to Be the Choir

Music Camp was another success – thanks to Jordan and to so many volunteers who served the Lord and Trinity Church in this endeavor.  This is just one of many opportunities we make available to encourage all the saints to grow in their abilities to sing and to sing joyfully before the Lord.

When we have a choir up front singing a beautiful meditation, we can be tempted to think that they are the choir.  But they really are not.  They are a representation of the choir.  They are just a part of the choir.  If they were the choir, then we would be the audience – but that is not the way it is at all.  We are all the choir, the singing witnesses to the grace and glory of God – He is our primary audience, and the principalities and powers, even the rest of the world are the second.  God is on His throne, we are His temple, and the glory cloud is the voice of His people singing His praises.

Which is why it is so important that you do two things.  First, that you commit yourself to growing in your ability to sing – to sing skillfully, as skillfully as the Lord will allow, and that you sing in such a way with the congregation that together we shout the praises of God and His Word.  Second, it is so important that as we come to sing, if we are bringing His praise to His name, it does not matter how skillful we ever are – we must all come with faith – we must all come by grace – we must all come in the name of Jesus.  And just like you might need to clear your throat before you open it up to sing – so you might need to clear your conscience, confessing your sins, before you open up your voice with those praises.

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