Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shaking Up This World...and You

Psalm 47 declares “All peoples clap your hands for joy to God in triumph shout – and – God is King of all the earth – and God rules the nations, God sits on His throne of holiness.”  The worship service is not, in the end, something we are invited to volunteer and join – it is a summons from the God of all the earth – to you and to everyone else.

With all the continuing happenings in our State and in our Nation with regard to the sodomite agenda, we are reminded that there is no real political solution to our problems, to our confusions, to our sins and blindness to the Truth and to the King of kings – there is only salvation – and yet – that salvation is itself a political solution – it is the solution.  All that we do here this morning – this is the solution.

We have come to worship the King of this land, the King Who reigns this year, the King of this nation, the King of this world.  Jesus Christ is the only salvation that is offered to men, to nations, to generations, to each and every situation in which a man or a community finds themselves.  He summons us to come to Him this Lord’s Day and He promises to shake things up because we do – as we do.  And so we must come with faith in God, faith in the one Who has declared the end from the beginning and Who raises the dead – for there is death to be raised in our midst.

But as we come expecting a great shakeup – remember that judgment begins here, in the house of the LORD.  We might be praying with great expectation that God is going to bring conviction to them out there only to find that He really intends first to deal with us – with our sins – with our lusts – with our perversions – with our secret sins – with our compromises with His Word and our lame reasons for doing so.  As He does, remember two things – first, He only does so because He loves us, He loves you, far more than you will ever understand – and second, this only proves His ability to bring salvation to the ends of the earth.  If He can remake us – surely He can remake anything.  And the resurrection of Jesus teaches us just that.

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