Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Let Them Come with Questions

Just like us, our baptized children should come to this Table.  The Lord loved to take the little children up into His arms and bless them, and He loves for them to come here to His Table and be blessed by Him as well.  Just as He wants them to come to Him through the Word, so He wants them to come to Him through His other means of grace, this Table being one of them.

One of the arguments used to keep covenant children from the Table is that they can’t understand the meaning of the Table.  But neither can they understand much of the Word at such a young age, and yet we all are in agreement that we are to read it to them and talk to them about it.  We are to expect and welcome questions from them about the meaning of the Word.  But don’t you see, it’s the same here at the Table.  They should come – and of course they should come with questions.  And as they come – or later today – or in your devotions this week – you should talk about their questions and find answers.

But now – are you in Jesus Christ?  Have you been baptized?  Then come and welcome to Jesus, to His Table, and to His discipleship program.

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