Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Work of the Holy Spirit in Communion

Without the Work of the Holy Spirit at this Table, this becomes an empty ritual.  But because of the sealing of the Holy Spirit, because of His presence in you as you approach the Table, you will come and not only partake of bread and wine, but by the Holy Spirit, you will partake of the body and blood of Jesus.  His life is given to you because His life was given for you.

The means of appropriating this gift is faith.  You do not come to this table based upon your own merit – and you do not come to this table based upon fate.  Faith, the gift of God by His Holy Spirit, turned you to the Father, opens your eyes to the Father, and shows you all that the Father has provided for you in His Son, Jesus.  So come to this Table, prepared for you by the Father, come drawn by the Spirit, and through Him, find union and communion with Your Lord, Jesus Christ.

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