Thursday, July 31, 2014

Baptism Exhortation - Melody

Doolittles, the Lord has blessed you with another daughter – and thank you for using social media to introduce her to us this last week.  She is as beautiful as the pictures posted.  What a picture of grace and glory, the creative work of the Lord in the womb of faithful and beautiful women.

Baptism of infants is certainly a sweet time.  But it is not to be a sentimentally sweet time.  It is to be a time rooted in the unfailing promises of God that drive us as parents to revive our faith in God and our call to what it means to bring our children up in the fear and nurture of the Lord.

This baptism promises that God will be faithful to His Word.  But it demands your renewed obedience to His Word as well – both to this new little one as well as to all the children He has blessed you with.  And along with that is your covenant relationship as husband and wife.  You cannot give Melody a better gift than parents who love and laugh and forgive and strive after God together day after day in the home she grows up in. 

Don’t strive after perfectionism – strive after God.  Don’t be gnat stranglers – be as fat as this little girl with faith, hope, and love – gifts He has given to you – to enjoy and pass on to her and all your children.  This moment is not for your presumption – it is out of and to strengthen your faith – a faith that brings forth good works – and all to the praise of God’s gracious glory.

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