Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Filling Up the Afflictions of Christ

As we come to the Table, it has to be asked, “is there something I can add to Christ’s death for my salvation?”  The answer is “No” and “Yes.”

Look at the Table.  What are we about to partake of?  Anything of you there?  No, there is One body and the blood poured out from that one body – represented in the one loaf and the one cup.  No.  Jesus’ death and His death alone and completely procured your salvation.

And “Yes.”  There is something you are to add to Christ’s death and that is your participation in His death by faith.  Or you could say your union with Christ in His death and resurrection by means of the gift of faith which He and the Father have given to you by the Holy Spirit Who indwells you.

And that faith will usher you into a new life – a life of love to God and to your neighbor – a law-keeping that will come from the work of the Spirit in your new man – for Christ is in you – the hope of glory.

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