Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Fool in Boasting

This verse hit me personally like never before in morning devotions today - 
"I have become a fool in boasting; you have compelled me." - 2 Cor 12:11a.

Paul has been boasting, although he feels awkward doing so, for the sake of proving his love for the church, for the Corinthians, and his apostolic authority.  This is not what he would prefer to do.  Rather, "...for I ought to have been commended by you: for in nothing was I behind the most eminent apostles, though I am nothing."

It is not natural for Paul to draw attention to all he has done or is doing.  I had to pause and consider myself.  How quick I am to let people know how busy I am right now, to "boast" in all the things I have done or have left to get done.  I find some weird consolation in making sure everyone else knows how much I am doing.

Why?  I am worried about what other people think of me.  Plain and simple.  Pride.  Right there.  Dead on.

I have become a fool in boasting.  But not like Paul.  It's "natural" for me.  Lord willing, no more.

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