Tuesday, July 29, 2014

America Needs to Be Born Again

The strongest, richest, seemingly most blessed nation of the last couple centuries, seems to be spinning out of control in its refusal to give thanks to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and in outrageous ways blaspheming His name and His law.

There is now an executive order signed that will make it illegal for any organization which receives any federal funds from following hiring practices that exemplify their fear of God and their love of the Gospel and its Author, Jesus Christ.  If a non-profit charity, a Christian one for instance, says it won’t hire a man who is pretending to be a woman, they can kiss their federal contract goodbye.

Now there is the argument about why the federal government is even involved in funding any of these things –and by what right they have to take our money to do so – but that is for another time.  There is also the argument about why such charities are yoking themselves with a government that continues to strangle our rights to free speech and freedom of religion – but that is for another time as well.  The clear message from our President and his administration is that he intends to push the Lordship of Jesus as far into the dark corners of individual piety as possible – and none of it in the public marketplace.

Our idolatry as a nation is coming of age.  Secular humanism will destroy this country if God is not merciful.  And that is why we have gathered in the name of Jesus Christ for the public and political worship of God, beseeching Him again for the power of the Holy Spirit to pour out upon this nation.  We need national repentance. We need a national revival. America needs to be born again.

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