Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Again

Another year, another summer, probably another family or personal vacation.  The season of summer brings with it a number of special opportunities for rest and relaxation.  Be reminded, however, that we are not called to live for Friday night, or for the weekend, or labor for 50 weeks to get that 2 week vacation.  

While we love vacations and weekends, they cannot provide the contentment, the true rest and renewal and refreshment that our souls ultimately long for.  What is it ultimately that your soul longs for?  To know God – to be known by God – to be called afresh by God – to be enlisted by God – to be humbled and then lifted up by God.  Your soul longs to be noticed, loved, wanted – and in this service of worship you hear the words of the Triune God of heaven and earth speak to you again – I call you by name – I forgive you – I am giving Myself to you again – I will strengthen you, instruct you, and send you for eternal purposes, eternal rewards, and finally eternal glory with Me – this is what Your heavenly Father is calling to you again this morning – this Lord’s Day. 

This is the day of the Resurrection where all things are made new.  This is the day of the New week, where God has prepared again the works unto which you will walk.  This is the day of Rest, heavenly rest, in your heavenly Savior at His heavenly throne, by and through His Heavenly Spirit.

This is life – at the Fountain of Life – at the throne of Life – before the Creator, Giver, Sustainer and renewer of Life.  He has called you – He will make You holy and transform You step by step into the image of that Life – even Jesus Himself.

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