Friday, August 1, 2014

Inner Transformation

Isaiah's call to the ministry (Isaiah 6) shows the path of inner transformation that must occur not only for Isaiah to be renewed in order to minister, but how the people of God, the nation of Judah, must be renewed in order to be a faithful priest-nation to the world.

The path is our Covenant Renewal Worship service.  God summons us, calls us to worship, and we respond.  We honestly confess our sins and our utter inability to survive in the presence of the Holy God without His intervening mercy.  He cleanses us from our sin and the judgment is taken care of in an atonement that has been provided by Someone Else.  We are then instructed by the Lord as to how we are to live and serve Him and then sent out to do so in His name.

Before we go out, in our completed service, we are invited to dine with God at His Table where He nourishes us with His own completed sacrifice on our behalf.  We are united and commune with Him at this feast.

During this service, we, like Isaiah, are brought into the heavenlies, into the very presence of God Almighty, where we cry out "Holy, Holy, Holy" along with the angels in glorious worship.

What a vision - and what a privilege every Lord's Day.

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