Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Reformed Altar Call

In the spirit of American Revivalism, begun in the 19th Century, there are in many churches altar calls after a sermon that demand your repentance and promise the grace of Jesus Christ.  Sometimes those altar calls are for brand new believers, and sometimes they are for believers who need to repent and, having repented, come to Jesus again.  But there is no biblical teaching on this.

There is, however, teaching on the spirit of that kind of thing – and it is here, at the Table, that you are summoned.  Having heard the Word we are often left undone – needing Jesus and the work of His Spirit again and in a fresh way.  This is our altar call, this is our coming to Jesus time.  It is the Table of the Father and by His Spirit He gives you Jesus and all the benefits of being in Christ.  Here you will find comfort, solace, and God’s joy ruling over You, His child – for He loves you.  That is why He gave His Son.  Come and welcome to Jesus Christ.

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