Monday, June 1, 2015

Politics and Religion

"(Judah's) determination to rebel against Assyria (with Egyptian support) is the political expression of a rebelliousness which runs far deeper.
It may be strange to modern ears to hear politics and religion so intimately connected, but for the people of God in Old Testament times life was not compartmentalized into the sacred and the secular as it all too often is with us.  The one LORD was Lord of all, and whether or not you respected his lordship was inevitably reflected in the way you made political decision, just as in any other sphere." - Webb, p127, commenting on Isaiah 30:1-17.

And this is the case today because of a faulty two-kingdom view of the world and nascent Gnosticism in our midst.  Believe whatever you want between your two ears; just don't think you can impose that religious system anywhere out here in the real world.

This is another way that has made our faith and the church impotent.  Many actually believe it should be impotent!

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