Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Looking Like a Leper - Luke 17:11-19

The other lepers never return to Jesus.  The Samaritan comes to the true Temple of God and the true Priest of God and finds everlasting life for his soul.  He was already healed and yet Jesus said, “your faith has made you well.”  The text never says anything about the leper believing or trusting Jesus, but instead shows what faith looks like and how a man with faith acts.  Faith brings forth repentance, turning around and back to Jesus.  Faith results in glorifying God with a loud voice.  Faith falls prostrate before Jesus in humility and thanks.

Never, ever get over the mercy of God.  Never cease being completely dependent on the mercy of God.  The salvation you have is mercy.  The blessings you have received, every one of them, are mercy.  The trials God gives are all to display His mercy.  You are surrounded in mercy.  And the smallest mustard see of faith brings forth the tree-moving power of God’s mercy.

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