Saturday, February 14, 2015

The New Solomon's Table

Solomon was the son of David and David had been promised that his son would sit on an everlasting throne over all nations.  Solomon, for all his wisdom, acted foolishly and married wives from many nations, wives who led him into idolatry with the gods of those nations.  His table was a table of nations but a table full of unclean demons from the wicked nations of men.

But another Son of David came.  Rather than marry many wives and fall to their gods, this Son of David came and took one bride, but she was from many nations, a bride who brings the nations away from their false gods and to the living God, the One true God of Israel.  The table of this Son of David is table of nations as well, but a table of nations subdued, cleansed and renewed in loyalty to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Look up and see – look out and see – the nations are being gathered into this Table and to the one true Bridegroom.  This is a taste of the great Wedding Feast to come.

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