Monday, February 16, 2015

Make the Fire Burn Hotter

"Evangelical experience is born from the Word, and the Word will cause that experience to seek out the constraints placed upon it by the Word.  This need not be a quenching of the Spirit - in the early rounds, it is the Spirit quenching us.  A proper bounding of the fire is done in such a way as to enable the fire to burn hotter." - Wilson, AC, p78

And so we give ourselves with faith to the worship of the Covenant Renewal service.  Not faith in the service, mind you, but faith in God Who has promised to work in that service.  And not faith in God as one might have in a genie in a bottle; there is no controlling this God and His actions, His timing, His manners and devices.  He is Lord and God of all.

But we want the fire to burn hotter.  And with holy impatience, we want it now.

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