Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rotten Eggs

Wilson says it well - 
"It is not possible to make a good omelet with rotten eggs.  The new birth deals with the eggs.  The church, whenever she is not animated by the regenerating Spirit of God, tries to fix the problematic omelet by means of kitchen upgrades, better recipes, graduate studies for the cooks, and more." - Wilson, AC, p68.

And so the issue is the regenerating Spirit of God; He is what makes the difference.  Eggs which are rotten need to be made new, and no amount of whisking is going to change anything.  

And so what is that church above to do?  She cannot fix the problem and she cannot whistle up the Holy Spirit.  All that is left is to cry out to God.  And of course, when that occurs from hearts that have been made contrite it turns out the Spirit has already come.

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