Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Isaiah's Prophetic Preaching

Chapter 19 of Isaiah displays the powerful work of prophetic preaching (Webb):  judgment and salvation.

In 19:1-15, in Hebrew poetry, Isaiah sings the LORD's coming to Egypt in order to visit devastating judgment upon her.  But in vv16-25, in prose, he declares through prophecy that Egypt will repent and turn to the God of Israel.  In fact, she will be declare to be "Egypt, My people" (v25).

Centuries before, Egypt was told to "let my people go!"  Great judgments fell upon her then, judgments from which Egypt never fully recovered.  But God's judgments are efficacious and even more so in this Gospel Age.  Judgments are the means by which He turns nations to Himself or back to Himself.  Sometimes it begins with only a remnant.  But it always and eventually runs the course of leaven in a lump.  "Egypt, My people."  "Assyria, the work of  My hands."

Why not, "America, My people?"  Lord, have mercy.

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