Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Daughters of Zion Condemned

The daughters of Zion will be as condemned for their participation in the exploitation of the poor which provided them with all of their gaudy riches (Isaiah 3:13-26).  These women may not have done the "dirty work" but they surely strut their stuff, showing no concern for the downcast, but walking their malls with all the latest fashion (v16).

The men will be lost in war (v25) and the gates of the city will lament like her women (v26).  But as a result of the siege and fall of Zion, "these women...will suffer disfiguring disease (17a), sexual abuse (17b), captivity ("a rope", v24), and bereavement (v26).  In desperation these proud women will finally be reduced to throwing themselves at any surviving male who will have them (4:1)" - Webb.

Over and over again, the words of condemnation from the Lord teach us.  It is not true that every time someone is suffering an affliction that it is directly due to some sin or rebellion as Job's accusers wrongly thought.  But if there is sin and rebellion there will be a judgment rendered.  Our righteous Judge has spoken.  And when that righteous judgement is rendered, it will all be to the praise of the glory of God.  In other words, at the end of all things, God will be honored for all the actions He took.  When it is all revealed, it will not look as though He lost His temper one day.  In fact, for all the glory of His justice revealed, the overwhelming glory revealed in that Final Day will be the glory of His mercy, for God's glory is a gracious glory.

And that is what Isaiah will reveal over and over again in His prophecies throughout the book:  overwhelming judgments and even more overwhelming mercies.

But, as this portion reveals, there will be real, harsh, overwhelming judgments.

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