Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Holy Spirit at Communion

The Trinity is evident at the Lord’s Table.  We are summoned to the Table by God the Father, we partake of the elements of the once-for-all sacrificed Lamb of God, and we do so by the work of the Holy Spirit.

It is the Spirit by which we partake of Christ by faith here at the Table.  God would not have us go through a lifeless ritual – rather, here, the means of grace is placed before us.  But it will be useless unless God’s Spirit does His work.  It is the same with the preaching of the Word.  Word and Sacrament.  Both are instruments which God uses and commands us to use as His church.  But both require His active work with them in the hearts of the hearers, in the hearts of the partakers.  And He promises to do so here and now.  Come and welcome to Jesus Christ.

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