Monday, June 2, 2014

Hell is Justice

Frame identifies the three uses of the law (p97) - 

1 - to restrain evil in society
2 - to terrify sinners in order to drive them to Christ
3 - to provide guidance for the Christian life

It struck me that such language of the second use, "to terrify sinners" doesn't get much good press among most Christians today.  Is that the correct use of the law?  The right kind of "fire and brimstone" preaching is profitable for the world.  Preachers must not shun their responsibilities of declaring the full rights of King Jesus and His law over the world.  They must not be afraid of the response when they declare that outside the saving work of Christ, all men will find themselves under a terrible judgment and the law has plainly revealed the justice of that judgment.

We must always remember that the difficult thing to resolve is not why God would send someone to Hell for an eternity.  The question is always how could a holy God ever allow anyone into Heaven with Him?

Hell is Justice.

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