Friday, June 20, 2014

Dispassionate Preaching: An Oxymoron

Preaching the Word of God is essentially a passionate, not a dispassionate, activity (Carrick p51).  Lloyd-Jones says, "A sermon is not an not to be confused with giving a lecture."  

Nor should it be a cozy, fireside chat.  Carrick notes that J.I. Packer has expressed his concern over the "calm and chatty intimacy" which the pulpit has learned from the media.

We are discussing the eternal destinies of the ones to whom we are preaching.  We are discipling those who have been purchased with the blood of the Son of God.  We are exhorting, admonishing, wooing, pleading, and encouraging the very children of God or those who should respond in faith as new children of God.  Therefore, these times of communication should be filled with zeal, passion, concern, and great personal emotion.

Dispassionate preaching is an oxymoron.

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